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contaminationControlCartApplied Energy Company, LLC, (“AEC”) is a fluid power engineering and Advanced Fluid Management consulting firm serving Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Florida. AEC’s staff is comprised of fluid power specialists, lubrication specialists, filtration specialists, application engineers, and equipment designers, enabling our company to accomplish a wide array of projects. Through our synergy of the engineering and fluid power disciplines, complimented by a full range of top quality, brand name products and services, we offer the lowest “total-cost-of-ownership” to our customers. Through a systematic, common sense approach of Advanced Fluid Management principles, and more than 40 years of service to the fluid power industry, AEC has the experience, knowledge, cutting edge products and services, required to provide solutions.AEC is your supplier for:

  • Sales, Service and Installations
  • Consultation, Fabrication and Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Fluid Power and Contamination Control Training


Call us for Information: 972-588-4874

Contamination Control and Filtration

  • Pall Corporation – Particulate and water removal products for oil, fuel, and water
  • One Eye Industries – Magnetic filtration products for fluids and gasses
  • Air Sentry – Particulate and moisture removal products
  • Shaw Development – Fast Fill Fuel Systems and Fluid Management Components

Fluid Power

  • HAWE Hydraulics – Modular 6000 psi valves, pressure controls, piston pumps, and electronic accessories
  • Husco International – Hydraulic Sectional, Monoblock, and Split Spool valves to 330 GPM
  • Quincy Ortman – Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders
  • Nopak – Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders
  • Parker Watts – Air control products
  • Lexair – Specialty fluid and pneumatic control valves
  • Parker – Pneumatic control valves
  • Delta – Hydraulic cartridge valves and gear pumps
  • GearTek – Gear pumps and motors
  • Marzocchi – Gear pumps and motors
  • SunFab – Piston pumps and motors
  • Anchor Fluid Power – Hydraulic flanges and accessories
  • Goodyear – Hydraulic hose and fittings
  • CEJN – Quick Disconnects and Test Fittings
  • American Industrial – Heat Exchangers
  • Hedland – Flow Meters
  • Daman – Manifolds and Subplates
  • Magnaloy – Hydraulic Accessories
  • Noshok – Gauges, pressure and temperature sensors
  • Hydraulics Int’l. – Air driven high pressure pumps and gas boosters



  • Graco – Hydraulic powered grease and oil pumps
  • SKF Lincoln – Air powered grease and oil pumps
  • Whitmore Industrial – Specialty lubricants for industrial applications
  • Whitmore Rail – Rail lubrication equipment and lubricants


Call us for Information: 972-588-4874

On-site Installation and Maintenance Services

  • Off Road
  • On Road
  • In-Plant
  • Stationary Generators
  • System Flushing

Fabrication and Custom Assembly Services

  • Custom power units
  • Filter carts and skids
  • Lubrication packages

Rental Services

  • Purifiers
  • Filter carts and skids
  • Particle counters

Consulting services

  • On-site contamination control audits
  • Fluid management GAP analysis


Engineering Services

  • Site filtration technology upgrades
  • Site lubrication technology upgrades
  • Site hydraulic technology upgrades

Project Management Services

  • Advanced Fluid Management implementation
  • Procurement and inventory implementation

Training Services

  • Hydraulic technology
  • Advanced Fluid Management practices

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Call us for Information: 972-588-4874
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