Dμrt Hog 1.5 Contamination Cart

Dμrt Hog 1.5 Contamination Cart

Set your cleanliness level and just walk away. The Dμrt Hog® from Applied Energy Company will take care of the rest. If the oil is too cold, the software will automatically reduce the flow to prevent pump damage. Once it is safe, the flow rate will increase to the desired setting. The onboard particle detector will continuously monitor the cleanliness level of your fluid, and when it reaches your predetermined ISO or NAS setting, it will automatically shut down. Each run can be tagged with machine I.D. number, operator and date. It can then be downloaded into a spreadsheet for trending and documenting. The Dμrt Hog® capabilities take asset management to a whole new level.

  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Low Temperature Delay
  • On-board Particle Detector
  • Variable Flow Rate
  • Water Sensor
  • ISO or NAS Readout
  • PALL High Efficiency Filter
  • Compatible with Water based Fluids
  • Auto Shutdown
  • 2 x 4 Wheel Configuration
  • Data Logging Capability
  • Direct Download
  • Quality Siemens Electronics
  • Water Removal Option
  • UL and CE Approved

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