Installation Services for Industrial Fire Suppression Systems

Applied Energy Company has teamed up with Fogmaker International AB to offer the best fire suppression systems in the country. Fogmaker’s unique high pressure water mist system is proven and superior at suppressing fires in multiple applications. The  Fogmaker System attacks all three aspects of the Fire Triangle (Heat, Oxygen and Fuel).  The Fogmaker system is Environmentally friendly and easy to clean-up (Requires no HAZMAT intervention). The Fogmaker system provides a longer discharge time than traditional powder systems and requires no electrical input to activate the system.

A fire in an unprotected engine compartment is almost impossible to fight with a portable fire extinguisher. Because of this, the need for safety regulations has increased over the past years leading to the installation of completely automatic and permanent fire suppression systems for motor engines and other enclosed areas. On road or off, Applied Energy can design and install a fire suppression system on your equipment. We offer scheduled inspections, service agreements for routine inspections, recharging, diagnostics, and repairs. Please visit our Downloads & Videos page for more technical information or contact customer service.

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