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Fluid Management Rental Equipment

Applied Energy Company maintains extensive rental assets that include:

Oil Purifiers

HLP and HDP Series Oil Purifiers can be used as a portable or stationary vacuum dehydration unit. It has been designed to purify hydraulic, lubricating, insulating and gear oils by removing water, particulate contamination, and gases.


Particle Counters

The Pall PCM Series particle counters are specifically developed as a portable diagnostic monitoring device that provides an assessment of system fluid cleanliness. There are models for oil and water based fluids. These units give accurate AS4059 cleanliness code results or NAS 1638.


Filter Carts And Skids

The Applied Energy Filter Carts and Skids are offline filtration/fluid transfer units designed to meet and maintain proper cleanliness levels. Our rental assets include variable flow and fixed flow rate units ranging from 2 GPM to 30 GPM.


Flushing Skids

The Applied Energy Flushing Skids are ideal for removing debris from new fabrications or repairs of piping and tubing. Our turnkey hydraulic skids can also be used to circulate lube and hydraulic reservoirs to meet or exceed a customer’s ISO cleanliness requirements.


Contact us for a list of our available equipment and the current rate sheet.

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