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Advanced filtration solutions for the oil & gas industry deliver enhanced filtration performance across the upstream, midstream, and downstream business units for reduced operating costs and improved process efficiency.

Effective and reliable filtration is extremely important through the production, transportation, and refining of produced hydrocarbons. Failure to remove contaminants from critical processes results in decreased process efficiency, increased operating costs and heightened risk of damaging sensitive equipment downstream.



Applied Energy has many products and solutions for the Onshore Upstream oil and gas market. Whether you are an OEM or end user call on us for hydraulic products such as HAWE or our own custom solutions for frac pump lubrication. Due to our years of experience in the onshore upstream market we have created some of the most unique and cutting-edge products in the industry.



Upstream filtration operations set the stage for the rest of the journey for produced hydrocarbons. Mistakes in this part of the business can cascade and magnify resulting in extensive maintenance downtime for pipeline or equipment repairs. This same principal applies until the very last filtration step of the refining process. Implementing an optimized oil & gas filtration strategy across the business is key to reducing operating costs, minimizing downtime and improving overall business performance.

Applied Energy with Pall Corporation are the leaders in advanced filtration technology, we have developed premium oil and gas filtration for all aspects of the industry, which improve contaminant removal, reduce the frequency of maintenance activities, meet end-product quality specifications and lower operating costs for a streamlined and optimized hydrocarbon processing operation.



With over 50 years experience in Automated Lubrication Systems, Applied Energy Company can help significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs on your Off Road/Construction Equipment. By automatically supplying grease in small amounts at frequent intervals thus ensuring proper lubrication when your bearing needs it the most we are able to maximize machine availability. Let Applied Energy Company keep your equipment performing with less down time, increase production by keeping equipment on the job and out of the shop. By utilizing Automated Lubrication Systems you can increase profits with lower lubricant consumption and eliminate the need to climb on the machine to lubricate hard to reach points. Fogmaker (Fire Suppression System) for construction equipment. The demand for reduced emission of exhaust fumes and higher engine outputs has increased engine compartment temperatures. It is in these enclosed and insulated engine compartments that most fires start. A well developed fire in an engine compartment is very intense and impossible to fight with a portable hand extinguisher. The solution is a permanently installed fire suppression system.



Applied Energy Company offers both a Manual Lubrication System and a fully Automated Lubrication System for the Waste & Refuge Industry. The Manual Lubrication System consolidates multiple lubrication points on Front-Loaders, Side-Loaders and Rear-Loader to a single lubrication point. This enables the unit to be effectively lubricated in a minimal amount of time and allows the points on the unit to be lubricated at ground level. The Manual Lubrication System offers a cost effective solution to your trucks rugged lubrication needs. The fully Automated Lubrication System will properly supply the correct amount of lubricants to each lube point at the correct time intervals. Whether it is a Manual Lubrication System or a fully Automated Lubrication System our systems provide proper lubrication to all of the articulation lube points- especially the grabber arm assemblies along with the critical points on your rear and front loaders. By providing proper lubrication municipalities are able to keep trucks on route, minimize downtime along with associated maintenance costs and prolonging the life of the unit.



In today’s world, the safety of workers and travelers is always priority one. The protection of expensive equipment to accomplish that is priority two. Engine compartment fires can jeopardize both. Applied Energy partners with Fogmaker to help make those two goals a reality. AEC can help you design, install, and implement a fire suppression system for your valuable equipment and priceless operators and passengers. Lower maintenance and less downtime are both goals every company strives for. An automatic lube system can help you achieve both. Applied energy has the expertise and experience to design and install a system for on road vehicles.



We apply our extensive knowledge to prolong the overall facility operation. This knowledge combined with our premium product partners are used to increase uptime and efficiency in supporting the high quality product you produce. Whether you have a need for ongoing P & M requirements or suffer an unforeseen equipment failure, our team is prepared to support your machinery solutions.



Applied Energy has many years of industrial experience dealing with sawmills, railroads, mines, and manufacturing plants. Whether its assembling systems in our shop or working onsite, we can build, install, or repair filtration, lubrication, fire suppression, and hydraulic systems. Just give us a call and let us help find solutions to improve your business.



The machinery and equipment in operation in pulp and paper mills is dependent on control and maintenance of fluids to desired operating conditions. From hydraulics to lubrication, recycled waters and chemicals to boiler feed water, the operation of a pulp and paper mill can be improved by the proper selection of filtration technologies. Our solutions maintain a specified level of fluid cleanliness to support pulp and paper processing techniques. Pall and Applied Energy Company are committed to the present and future growth of our pulp and paper customers with filtration products, oil purifiers and fluid condition monitoring equipment specifically designed to help paper machines achieve increased uptime, lower maintenance costs and increase capacity. Applied Energy Company also offers many other products and services that cater to the paper making process.



Applied Energy offers Pall filtration and separation solutions that are designed to provide the highest level of asset protection across the wide spectrum of Power Generation industry demands. Applied Energy with Pall has a proven history of providing premium, technologically advanced filtration and purification systems providing the reliability and performance utilities need to maximize output and get the most from their investment.

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