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Advanced Fluid Management Specialists

Training Services

Applied Energy Company is a fluid power engineering and Advanced Fluid Management consulting firm. Our staff is comprised of fluid power specialists, lubrication specialists, filtration specialists, application engineers, and equipment designers enabling us to provide a wide array of training that will ensure fluid cleanliness control profit improving competency in your personnel.

For a successful Advanced Fluid Management program to be initiated it is important that all personnel are appropriately trained to achieve its profit improving goals. Training is not only to be provided to those personnel in direct contact with fluids, but other personnel such as the warehouse personnel and equipment operators. These sessions may be two-three days in length or relatively short awareness ones that are focused on the particular areas of concern. The training offered includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Contamination control fundamental awareness.
  • Oil sampling methods.
  • Contamination control device and equipment.
  • Oil analysis interpretation.
  • Hydraulic fundamentals.
  • Machinery lubrication training for MLT1 certification.
  • Hydraulic and lubrication troubleshooting.

NOTE: Annual refresher training recommended.

Another factor to consider in making training decisions is personnel certification. Certification brings a benchmarked level of authority to the program and encourages confidence among the people who use the Advanced Fluid Management services. Individuals performing the specific fluid analysis should have ICML Level I, Laboratory Lubricant Analyst (LLA) and Level I Machine Lubricant Analyst (MLA) certifications, or equivalent. Ideally, the program manager would have Level II MLA or equivalent. The personnel training competency assessment records should be maintained by the site training administrator.

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